Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions for BrideThe ultimate sweetness at Beauty Bee studio! Eyelash Extensions were once Hollywood’s best kept secret and have quickly turned women everywhere into luscious lash addicts! This is a quick and amazing way to extend, define, and thicken your natural lashes. Imagine your morning beauty routine without mascara or an eyelash curler. Would you like to bring life into your barely there, short lashes? Do you envy the gals who naturally have long & thick lashes? Chances are you’ve answered yes, so perhaps we can interest you in a set of amazing eyelash extensions.

A single lash design does not fit all. There are a few factors we take into consideration when customizing your lash extensions; the lash look you desire, the presenting condition and length of your natural lashes, and your individual eye shape. Once we marry these factors into a design plan for you, the art of lash extensions begins.

Extensions are made of synthetic materials (such as silk and faux-mink), which are tapered and made to mimic a natural lash. Each extension is skillfully applied lash by lash, until length and fullness have been achieved. We use a variety of lengths, diameters and curvatures to create natural or dramtic, full, and darker lashes. Extensions are adhered on top of your natural lashes (approx 1mm away from the base of your eyelid), with an adhesive that is specifically formulated for lash use. Neither the adhesive nor the extension comes into contact with your eye or skin. They are flexible, weightless, soft to the touch, and you will feel like you aren’t wearing anything at all. Whether your final look is natural, dramatic or glamorous, friends and family will stare and wonder what it is you’ve done differently.

Your beautiful lash extensions must be maintained after your initial set in order to keep them looking fresh, which is why we recommend a ReLash every 3-4 weeks.

At Beauty Bee Studio, lash extensions are applied by a Certified Lash Artist and Licensed Esthetician. We have been certified through Novalash Extensions and most recently by Lash & Brow Design Academy, one of Russia’s leading Instructor and Master in Volume Lashes. This is a completely new technique to the states and are proud to say that we were amongst the first group of elite lash artists to learn this new technique.

We understand Lash Extensions are a highly specialized luxury service and it is our wish for you to be completely at ease once you step into our Lash room. Our lash education and safety practices are a fundamental priority and we continually keep ourselves abreast of this ever changing industry in order to offer our clients the best lash extensions!  We believe in preserving the health of your natural lashes during your love lash-affair, therefore we will never overload your lash line with extensions that are too long or too thick for your natural lashes to support. We strive to deliver nothing but exceptional, quality work.

After your visit to Beauty Bee, you will have the confidence to wink, blink and flutter your fabulous lashes every day of the week!

Lash Extension FAQs

Once you’re ready to have your lashes done, please call (626) 355-6800 for appointment availability and be prepared to provide us with your credit card information to secure your appointment. Please read our Cancellation/No-Show Policy on our Policies page.
Your session will be calm and painless. You will lay still on a comfortable, padded treatment bed as the extensions are applied. Your bottom lashes are protected and taped down to prevent any sticking to upper lashes. Once your eyes are closed, it is your time to relax! Please make sure your cell phone has either been shut off or turned to silent as making or taking phone calls are not allowed. I will be focused on your fabulous lashes, so pretty please, do not ask me to read and/or send text messages on your behalf. An exception may be made only if you have an urgent matter pending. Please discuss this with me before hand. Please arrive to your scheduled appointment promptly. Your session will begin with a consultation, review and signature of consent forms, and ends with after-care instructions. For a full set, please allow up to 2 ½ hours and up to 1 ½ hr for a ReLash. Naps are completely free!
Please make sure your lashes are completely free of any oil, dirt, and  makeup residue of any kind. Your lash sessions are meant to perfect your extensions, not clean them, so please make sure you do your part to maintain clean lashes. Lashes must be freshly washed before your appointment. If you are coming from work, please arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled time to thoroughly cleanse in our powder room. Clean towels and cleansers will be provided for you. If further cleaning is required after you’ve washed, your appointment time will be reduced. Contact wearers will need to remove contacts. Also, please avoid excessive water and caffeine… we want you to relax during your service!
Depending on your lifestyle, loving aftercare, and natural shedding cycle*, a ReLash is recommended every 2-3 weeks. We remove grown out and loose extensions and replace with fresh ones. ReLash prices are dependent on the amount of time you will need to bring your lashes back to original fullness. The more you lose, the more time you will need to book. *The natural process of our Lash Cycle sheds lashes every 60-90 days. When old lashes shed, new lashes come in; so do not be alarmed when your lash sheds with an extension attached! An average of 1-4 lashes shed daily.
No. There won’t be a need for mascara once your extensions are on. Plus, makeup may build along the lash line and will shorten the life of your extensions. Using a mechanical lash curler will cause the extensions to permanently bend and cannot be repaired. In the event this should happen, removal of existing extensions and a whole new set is required. No exceptions.
We understand that unexpected things do happen. However, if you need to reschedule your lash appointment, you must give us 24 hour notice. This allows us to open the slot to others requesting appointments. Please see our Cancellation/No- Show/Late Policy for further details.
– Do not wet or expose your lashes to any water, steam such as hot tubs, saunas or steam rooms for the first 24 hours.
- Do not wash your lashes under a shower head (wash gently in a sink or away from any pressure stream) or allow hair products to stream over your eyes.
- Do not use any oil based products around your eyes.
- Do not use any cotton pads or qtips to around your lashes as cotton fibers will tangle around your lashes.
- Do not use products containing any glycols as they can break down the bond and shorten the life of the extensions. -Do not have a facial immediately after your lash service.
- Do not use any mascara including waterproof mascara- it will ruin your extensions.
- Do not perm or use a lash curler. You will permanently bend your lashes and cannot be repaired.
- Do not touch, pull, twist or rub your lashes as this will deposit natural oils and dirt onto your lashes and/or cause premature fallout or
- Do not sleep on your face as this will cause unnecessary stress on your follicles.
-Do not wash your face in the shower, directly under the shower head as the pressure may not be gentle.>
You must:
- Be responsible and wash your lashes on a daily basis. Build up of makeup, dirt, and oils will shorten the life of your extensions as well as increase risk of an eye infection.
- Comb them daily, with a mascara wand to prevent tangling.
- Be kind and gentle to your fabulous lashes! They will treat you right in return!
Unfortunately, not everyone is a good candidate. If you experience any of the following, this service may not be for you;
- Alopecia
- Trichotillomania or Thrichosis
- Recent eye infections or surgeries.
- An eye disease and/or medical condition such as Conjunctivitis (pink-eye) or Blepharitis (chronic inflammation of the eyelid)
- Lack of presenting and/or healthy lashes
- Extremely curly lashes
- Chronic allergies/constant rubbing of the eyes.
- Hormonal imbalances or health issues
- Medications.
- Excessive medications.
- Difficulty laying on your back for long periods of time.
- Compromised immune systems such as recent or current chemotherapy.
Should you ever wish to remove your lash extensions, simply allow them to shed naturally or you may come in to remove them all at once.

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Cancellation/No- Show/Late Policy